Dear Santa,

I apologize for not writing sooner... I know this is cutting it close, what with the bad weather and all (you probably noticed I haven't been able to blog much lately... left my damn camera cord at work and have been snowed in for three days!) But I know you really like it when we send you lists. Must be a relief to not have to guess what we're all wanting. And since I can't ask anyone I really KNOW for gifts this extravagant... well, you came to mind. So if you're stopping in my building next week, feel free to drop off...

1. A puggle. Preferably with the pet deposit for my building. But I'll take care of a leash and bowl.

2. A laptop. You know, so I could rock this blogging thing from my couch. You understand.

3. Manolo Blahnik pumps. Or sandals. Even flats. Really, it doesn't matter too much. These are kinda fab though, don't you think?

4. A Nintendo Wii. Boyfriend says I'll only use the Wii Fit for 2 weeks and then ditch it, but I promise to bowl until my elbow gives out! (An X Box 360 could also work, and then I'd play TopSpin2).

5. Don't judge the helpless. It's hard for me to find a perfume that I really like. it's not my fault Jessica Simpson stamped her name on it. Pretend it's Kate Moss and hand it over.

6. Some skinny jeans. And the thighs to wear them.

Thanks Santa! See you soon!