How to spend your Christmas money ~ Fashion Edition

Hope you liked yesterday's home edition of what to buy with your holiday gift cards or cash. Today is the Fashion Edition!

It's a little lighter on content (mostly because the sales out there, while staggeringly low, have limited sizes). So many of these items are still full price... but I know my closet is lacking some classic basics right now, and that's what I'm in need of. So below you'll find mostly seperates that could mix and match with each other and with pieces that you already own. And some fun ones too!
(Menswear coming next, followed by accessories to round out our fantasy shopping spree!)
1. Tweed skirt ($39.99) from Ann Taylor Loft. A flattering, feminine cut in a color that goes with nearly everything. Perfect for work, but could go semi-casual too with boots and some kind of heavy knit in the same color family.

2. Faux-wrap top ($44) from Ann Taylor Loft. No danger of wardrobe malfunction here! Extremely flattering. The V neck keeps you from looking too heavy on top (if that's an issue), but doesn't show too much. The cinched in waist creates curves or accents curves you already have. Could go to work or out on a date. I like the purple.

3. Tweed pants ($49.99) from Ann Taylor Loft. I love ATL because of their petite section (actually in the stores, imagine that!). These would be great for work.

4. Velvet blazer ($58) from Urban Outfitters. To quote stylist Rachel Zoe, I die. Swoon. Melt. This is so gorgeous, not too girly in cut but not too manly in material. Would go with everything. Seriously. Everything.

5. Flapper skirt ($58) from Urban Outfitters. Ok, I'll admit this is the kind of thing that I buy and then never wear. Maybe some of you are braver than Magchunk. Sure is cute though.

6. Classic bootcut jeans ($59.99) from Gap. Well I already bought these and they are fantastic! If you're on the curvy side, trust me, they fit fabulously. They also don't stretch out too fast, which is nice. And the petite cut (which I bought) didn't even need to be hemmed (ankle cuts just don't do it for me...). Worth the money, and a bargain compared to some brands out there.

7. Pencil skirt ($44) from Gap. Pencil skirts must be tried on, so I can't 100% vouch for this yet, but it certainly has potential. And if this cut is something that works for you, by all means, rock it day and night. (Please don't wear it with those shoes...)

8. Cardigan ($44) from Gap. This is perfect! I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm not a crew-neck girl, and this cardigan (in a million colors!) looks like it will do nicely. And Gap sweaters like this last. I've had a black Gap cardigan for at least 7 years that is just now starting to show it's age. For the price, that's hard to beat. Buy 5 of them, if you can.

9. Tee ($3.99 to $10) from Gap. Gap tees are notorious for being well made at a reasonable price, and when they are on sale like they are now, order as many as you can find in your size. As a "rule" a woman should have 2 nice black tees and two nice white tees (black fades and white stains, so a backup is a good idea). Stock up now, and add some fun colors too. Browse around for other sleeve lengths, necklines, etc.

10. Black dress ($130) from Banana Republic. Yes, this is a little pricier than most of these other items, but just look at it. Simple, classic cut that will always be in style. You could wear it to work 3 days a week and no one would even notice if you switched around accessories. You could wear it to a party, on a date... worth a few extra pennies, I think.

11. Tee ($14.99) from J. Crew. I know, I know, another tee shirt, but I love the scoopneck and the longer sleeves (great for hiding upper arms that haven't seen a dumbbell in a while). And the tissue-thin material is great for layering if that's your thing. A good alternative to the Gap option, but I'd only buy these ones on sale. I'm too rough on tees to spend $25 on them.

12. Cashmere sweater ($99) from J. Crew. This one is discounted pretty deeply, and I like the non-traditional cut. The pretty neckline would show off a lacy tank, bedazzled necklace, or a nice collarbone. Multiple colors (sizes limited).

13. Polka-dot top ($78) from J. Crew. Now I'm giving into my innner Marilyn. This top is still full-price, but it would be a fun splurge (this is gift-money, after all!). I like it paired with a high-waisted skirt, but it could also be worn with jeans or dark pants and a sweater or blazer. Mid-century style books swear that "men like polka dots." Why not indulge them?

Whew! Men's clothes next!