Organized laundry area

The main problem with apartment living is a lack of storage space. My little one-bedroom is no exception. While I lucked out and have a walk-in closet, it doesn't really do to keep cleaning supplies next to my sweaters and skirts. Because my unit is in an awkward corner of the building, I also gained some extra square footage in my "laundry closet" where a stacked washer and dryer share space with the hot water heater. There was a lot of floor space and one high shelf on the wall, and things ended up piled in a heap. Here are a few before shots:

I cleared all the clutter out and took stock of what I had. Some extra boxes and trash could be thrown out or stored under my bed. But I still needed to store cleaning supplies (including a vacuum that wasn't currently fitting), laundry supplies, Christmas decorations (and tiny tree), wrapping paper (non-holiday paper had to be easily accessible), extra wine glasses and vases that my kitchen cupboards couldn't store, and extras of things like foil, lightbulbs, etc.

Next I bought this from the Container Store:

It was kind of a pain to put together, but even with no screws or glue, it feels pretty sturdy. A smidge smaller than I was expecting, but I'm bad with dimensions.
Here it is loaded up:
Then I bought this (on sale at Fred Meyer):
And filled it with my Christmas decorations and wrapping:

I stowed that (with the tiny tree on top) behind the washer where there was some wasted space before. After pushing in the cart and vacuum, I had a brand-new space!

Here are the final results:

An easy and cheap solution. And I'm not embarrassed to show anyone my laundry closet anymore!

Have you completed any organizing projects lately? Send in photos and I'll share your tips with everyone! Or, do you have a daunting organizing project that you need some advice on? Take a few pics and send them my way and I'll see what I can do from afar!