How to spend your Christmas Money ~ For the Fellas

*Note: I already wrote this post once, last week, and accidently deleted it because my computer is evil. Ok, because I'm technologically illiterate. I'm a little sad still by the missing first post, that I spent a lot of time on and can't be recreated. So here is my half-assed attempt to dress the men in my life.*

You should know that I have no real practical knowledge of dressing men, except picking out a shirt and determining the difference between a navy sock and a black sock. Guy's clothes are confusing. I don't understand the sizing (does everyone wear a large?), all the shoes look ugly, they can always get away with jeans, a tee, and a blazer, and frankly, unless they have a suit and tie job, don't need to own anything else. Coming from the world of tees, sweatesr, henleys, miniskirts, long skirts, dresses, jumpers (ick), jeans, chinos, dress pants, stillettos, flats, gladiators--well, you get the idea. Guys clothes just seems so... limiting.

But at the same time, freeing. Why bother worrying whether or not your black pumps go with your black pants (yes, I've had this problem), when you can throw on a shirt and play some video games? It's ridiculously easy for guys to look great because its so cut and dry. Take this guy for example:

Not that you would wear *this* to play video games, but for casual Friday, a date, any casualish event (outdoor wedding, friend's birthday), meeting the parents, I consider this basic ensemble to be an easy go-to look.

That being said, I've hunted around and found some key investment pieces for guys looking to polish up their wardrobe. In some cases this may have been hinted by a girlfriend or mother or sister. Why not beat them to the punch by checking out one of the options below?

1. Sweater from J. Crew.
2. Jeans from J. Crew.
3. Hoodie sweater from Urban Outfitters.
4. Blazer from J. Crew.
5. Button-up shirt (varied patterns) from the Gap.
6. Scarf from the Gap.
7. Fun tee from Type Tees.
8. Year-round suit ($$ goes further) from J. Crew.
9. Peacoat from J. Crew.
10. Tie from Urban Outfitters.

Have fun shopping, boys!