Wanna be my BFF? I'll trade my cookie for your carrot sticks...

Ok, so remember my New Year's Resolution to make more girlfriends?

I was catching up with Joanna Goddard's blog Smitten (on Glamour mag's website), and found this post. How perfect!

To make a long story short, she suggests 1)asking people to hang out (not rocket science, yet somehow has escaped my attention); 2)Choosing a recurring event (like a tv show); and 3)take a class where you'll meet new people with similar interests.

Since most of my closest girlfriends have moved out of state to go to grad school, and because in my workplace the average employee age is 54, I may have to employ some of Joanna's tactics. Which means getting some guts. Or figuring out something fun to do that isn't a "alone" activity (like decorating, reading, writing, etc).

But I'm definately a one-on-one bff always and everyday kind of pal. I usually have one or two close girls that I see constantly (when not with Boyfriend). Lately that's meant sitting in my apartment alone watching "Gilmore Girls." Yes, I have all 7 seasons on DVD. And yes, I've seen them all.

Anyone have any other ideas for how to meet friends post-college?