How to spend your Christmas money ~ Accessories

At long last, the final edition of How to Spend Your Christmas Money. This is the accessories edition, including bags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry. Sorry boys.

Accessories are definately a weakness for me, yet besides a bag, I typically forget to use them. But today, in honor of this long-awaited post, I wore a hat. I mean, from my apartment to my office. Not all day. But I wore it!

Anyway, here are some of my favorites (including a few out of price range...) that I would snap up in a minute if I could justify it.

1. Doctor bag ($68) from Urban Outfitters. Not the best for winter (fitting it over bulky sleeves could be an issue), but I love it's refined shape. And not a terrible price (I tend to wear a purse into the ground before buying a new one, so I always get my money's worth). The blue is my favorite.

2. Leather bag ($225) from Urban Outfitters. There are several versions of this style bag at UO right now, and I'm really liking it. Urban Outfitters is my secret place to buy bags because they always have cool ones and they are typically cheaper than Nordstrom or Macy's. This one is a little pricey, but I like how it has a long strap for slinging across your body (would be great for my treks up to see Boyfriend), but also has a regular handle so it's clearly a purse, not a satchel. The gray is the best, but there are several color options.

3. Cozy scarf ($100) from Bluefly. If you are French you were born knowing 430 different ways to wrap, drape, and tie this scarf (possibly even born wearing one). If you're more like me, you'll buy this and then spend 2 hours in front of the mirror trying to make it look French. Maybe just a daydream item, but it certainly could look chic.

4. Patent leather belt ($14.99-$40) from J. Crew. Some colors of this belt are on sale, but any of them would work topping off a dress, a jacket, layered sweaters, etc. Think of this type of belt as beauty, not fuction. Every magazine has been spouting on about adding belts to make your old clothes look new (defines the waist, etc.). Except they've been telling us that for over a year. Don't you think we've tried every belt/dress/sweater combination by now? It still looks good, but it's old information. In any case, snap up one of these, because this trend seems to be lingering.5. Strappy heels ($135)from J. Crew. In my mind, these are the perfect dressy heels. PERFECT. Strappy, in a neutral color, flirty toe exposure, no ankle strap (they make me look shorter), but still with an adjustable strap to actually keep the shoe on. Gorgeous. These will work with every single party dress you own, so you'll keep them forever. Worth the investment.

6. Cuffed ankle boots ($68) from Urban Outfitters. A rather of-the-moment trend, borrowed from the '80s. These are a cute version, cut low enough in the front to still show off some of your ankle and not sacrifice leg length. Could be worn with skirts or skinny jeans.

7. Patent flats ($19.99) from Gap. Very Angelina Jolie while carrying the twins last summer. I swear half the time I thought she was wandering around barefoot. Can go from jeans to summery dress to winter white. And affordable (good, since that pale patent won't last too long).

8. Rain boots ($24.50) from Old Navy. It was snowing here two weeks ago and now it's raining and flooding. And yet, I still don't own a pair of rain boots and my feet are constantly getting soaked. Here's a cute style.

9. Red clutch ($12.80) from Forever 21. Good for a lunch date or going out at night. Bright so you won't misplace it, and with a wrist strap so you can still balance a martini while shaking hands.

10. Skinny bow headband ($20) from Urban Outfitters. You know you secretly watch Gossip Girl. Give in to your inner Blair and sport this preppy little band. No bow-tying required!

11. Knot ring ($24) from Banana Republic. This is a beautiful and romantic symbol. Get it for yourself as a reminder (having trouble sticking to resolutions?), or fellas, pick it up for the lady in your life.12. Garland necklace ($98) from Banana Republic. Too beautiful. Probably only appropriate for a real party and a real party dress, but isn't it just dreamy? If you have an occasion to wear this, go get it now!

13. Patent clutch ($39.50) from Gap. This could work as a clutch on it's own, or be thrown into a larger bag as a wallet (or pull it out of your work bag for lunch or errands). Love the envelope shape and the shine.

14. Black pumps ($89) from Piperlime. I'm in a serious search for the perfect black heels for work right now. The ones that I have are all too dressy or too high so I'm stuck at my desk all day. These might be a good middle ground.

15. Sunglasses ($99) from Banana Republic. What would your stylish new wardrobe and scarves and bags be like when not topped with fabulous oversized sunglasses? Make like a starlet and wear them at night. Ok, that's dumb, but you could definately rock them with your coat and long gloves while walking the dog.

And that completes my round-up of the best pieces to buy with your holiday gifts cards and cash! What'd you think? See anything fabulous you must have? Anything I missed?