Makeover for my dresser

I have the same dresser I've had since I was a kid and my sister left for college. Apparently it was also my mother's before my sister's. It's pretty sturdy, with nice sized drawers, and lightweight. But it looks like this:

I mean, I'm sure there are uglier dressers out there in the world, but it just looks like a hand-me-down. Closer inspection of the top shows some stains and burn marks from a candle (Mine? My sister's? Can't remember).I've always been a wannabe DIYer. Someone who picks up a chair/table/bucket on the side of the road for free and turns it into a fabulous chair/table/planter. Or someone who can sew their own curtains, do their own upholstery, etc. It takes me a year to even take in a piece of art to the framer, so my becoming a Do-It-Yourself-er has been looking pretty shabby until now. Because I'm going to makeover my dresser!

Watch for tags (at the bottom of the post) for "dresser" to keep a watchful eye over the whole process. And feel free to leave advice--I'm a novice!

So far the plan is to:

1. Choose and buy paint (and supplies!)

2. Empty and clean the dresser

3. Remove knobs.

4. Sand.

5. Paint!

6. Choose and buy new knobs and attach.

7. Choose and buy drawer liners, and maybe dividers.

8. Toast to my new fabulous dresser!