Color me wonderful

I knew that choosing a paint color for the dresser could very well be the most difficult part of the process (I'm hoping!). The dresser is housed in my walk-in closet, but right now is a dark corner, drab and boring. It's also kind of a dumping ground for things like barrettes, gloves, perfume samples, receipts for the pants I bought but might return.

My ideal final result would be a little jewel box. A piece of furniture that blends in well with its surroundings but glimmers just a little.

My walls are a very light subtle gray. So subtle that it took me a few months after I moved in (not allowed to paint) to even notice that the baseboards were definately white and the walls were not. I've been really into gray for a few months now, so I thought a pretty shade would look nice and make it look almost built in. Or at least purposeful.

The Benjamin Moore paint store is only two storefronts down from my Weight Watchers meeting, so last week I poked my head in and grabbed some paint chips.

I quickly eliminated the one on the far right... in my closet's overhead lighting they all looked very green. I also eliminated anything on the bottom row (too dark for the space) and anything on the top row (much lighter than the walls looked funny).

I finally settled on "whitestone," a soft gray with a blue undertone so it's nice and cool (will blend well with my closet, as I wear a lot of blue, green, gray and black). My second choice is a bit darker "stormy monday."

I went and picked it up last night. The guy working was really helpful in picking a sheen, oil or water based, making sure I got stir sticks, etc. Now I just need to go to the hardware store this weekend, pick up some other supplies, and get painting!