9 out of 10 dentists recommend this blog*

One of my best pals, (soon to be) Dr. Paige, is studying to be a dentist. And since I had an awful dentist appointment on Tuesday and have been missing Paige, I thought I'd scrounge up some dental inspired items for her future office/house/trashcan.

All from etsy.com, a supercool site where artists and crafty people sell their art, crafts, or vintage finds. Best place to find unique cards and gifts.
1. A onesie that speaks the truth. $18. Totally buying this for your first-born, BTW, Paige.

2. A teeny tiny dental chair in a teeny tiny office. Tell kids it's for when the Borrowers need a checkup. Wait, do kids still read The Borrowers? $115.

3. The perfect dental companion! For your Christmas tree, doorknob, hang from your lamp, etc. Or you know, putting lost teeth in. $8.

4. Ok, this is a little crude, but it's soap! Tooth soap (but not toothpaste, unfortunately). Fun for the bathroom at your office, even though no one will really use it. $6.

5. This cushiony toothy pal has a handy pocket in back for hiding your stash... of quarters... that you get for your lost teeth... (Seriously though, it looks a little trippy, right?). $8.

6. When you finally set up shop, these would make super-cute invitations to your practice-warming party! Set of three cards ,$10.

7. I'm totally buying this for you. $20.

Ok, Dr. Paige, time to pick your favorites!

*not verified or based on an actual study. But I'm sure it's true.