Girl Crush: Keri Russell

So anyone who has talked to me in the last month knows that I just started watching the WB show "Felicity," where a young girl follows her crush to college all the way across the country to New York City. The show was popular when I was just starting high school, but I never even saw an episode. So I checked out season one from my library and I AM HOOKED.
The charm of the show is thanks to its leading lady, Keri Russell, whom I now adore. I mean, I know she's just playing a character, etc, but since I've loved her in everything I've seen of her's, I am pretty sure she's fabulous. It's really nice to see a young actress play people who are serious, not outlandishly ridiculous like most female roles in teen tv or films.
You may have seen "Waitress," where she plays a young woman (a waitress) who, while unhappily pregnant with her jerk husband, falls for her doctor. But that's not the total end, so go rent it and love it.
And then there is Keri Russell in real life. In her late twenties, Russell always looks pulled together, casual and comfortable but still elegant. No one can wear a scarf like her (a talent of which I am supremely jealous). She's married to Shane Deary, and they have a young son, River. Ugh, her urban hippie chicness kills me.
So no one spoil the Ben or Noel battle for me... I still have to finish the series. But I pretty much now want to be Keri Russell. Come on, I know there are others out there...

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