10% Goal Reached!

I almost forgot to announce that on Tuesday's weigh-in (I switched my meeting days) I reached my 10% goal! In fact, I overshot, after weeks and weeks of barely inching, I suddenly had a relatively significant drop and passed my 10% by like it was nothing!

I've now lost 17.2 pounds since joining Weight Watchers. I now have to set my ultimate goal. Being only 5'1'' I'm supposed to land between 106 and 132 lbs for a "healthy weight" BMI. My tentative goal right now is 125, although my fantasy weight is 117.

In the meanwhile, I'm savoring the sweet smell of success (and pinning up the thoughtful postcard my leaders sent me!). And trying to not ruin it by celebrating with food.

What accomplishes have you made recently? Let's celebrate them together!