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Date night outfit help!

Maggie Morgan

So Boyfriend's and my 3 year anniversary is on Wednesday, and naturally we're going out for dinner to celebrate with some steak! (I haven't had steak in a year so I am totally excited).

As the day creeps closer, however, I've suddenly been struck with the fact that I have to come up with something to wear! We're not going somewhere super-fancy, just kind of fancy. Not a dress place. And I've been trying to spend my Christmas money but so far have had almost no luck. Can't find anything that I love once I try it on. So hmph.

It also gets me nostalgic for when we were first dating and every time we hung out was an excuse for me to dress up. Now it's too easy to throw on a sweatshirt and still hear, "I love you, you're always beautiful." I still remember what I wore the night we became "official." Black long-sleeve tee, denim pencil skirt, black satin clutch, wine-colored flats (that gave me blisters!). We went to dinner and a play in West Seattle.

So I'm headed home this afternoon to hunt through my closet for some new combination that will be romantic, fashionable, casual, and celebratory all at the same time. Something along these lines (maybe a smidge dressier):

Photo from flickr photosteam rubyred25. See all her creative outfits here.

Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?