Knobs for Dresser? Check!

I had a great weekend! Saw "Slumdog Millionare" (it's sooo good), played Top Spin on the Xbox, ordered pizza, saw "Vertigo" at the Cinerama, bought a new coat just in time for it to start snowing, and bought knobs for the dresser!

Couldn't find a picture of them on Anthropologie's website, but here's a sad picture I took myself last night.

They are a very soft shell-pink glass. You can still see all the bubbles inside the glass, so each one is unique. I think that they will add a really pretty feminine but modern touch to the pale gray I've chosen for the paint.

As mentioned before, our anniversary is Wednesday night, so I probably won't get painting done until Thursday or Friday (don't really want all my dresser's contents strewn about the apartment all week). But next I'm in search of drawer liner paper. So excited for my new dresser!

Lots of fun posts coming this week, so stay tuned!