It's a sickness, really.

Yep, that is the pile of magazines that slowly wander into my mailbox each month. Usually a week behind when the stores have them out. But this is my subscription pile.

I know that for my save money/cut costs resolutions this should be the first vice to kick the bucket. But the joy that you feel playing with your puppy, or when you get the last french fry? That is the joy that I feel when I see a thick roll of glossy paper crammed into my mailbox.
Besides, I cancelled my subscription to Elle. Just not, uh, Elle Decor.
Clockwise from top:
Lucky: "The magazine about shopping" has great deals and discounts (although even with 20% off, most things are still $100+). But they are really good about showing how to mix and match pieces for different seasons, where to find cheap knockoffs of trendy items that won't be around long enough to pay off the real deal from your credit card, and the creators of the Lucky Manual of Style, which I consider one of the finest wardrobe-building guides out there. Low points: lame celebrity interviews (about a paragraph), and I always skim the makeup/hair sections (too much product pushing). Good writer of note: I definitely read the beauty article by Jean Godfrey-June because she's an excellent writer.
Domino: The It-mag. The name on everyone's tongue, especially after the shut-down of Home & Garden and Blueprint (which I never really got the appeal of). Always rumors about it shutting down, which I hope are false because I'm subscribed for like 4 years. Really great exposure to new designers, colorful (and mellow) interiors, and good guides on picking linens, window treatments, flooring, etc. Also put out a great book, the Domino Guide to Decorating which has been intensely reviewed in the blog world. Low points: too much trend-pushing, repetitive at times (I'm so over those ugly shaggy rugs), and always ALWAYS arrives weeks after it's been at the grocery. Good writer of note: Cynthia Kling.
Glamour: The everything-mag, from fashion to beauty, from sex to politics, as well as everything in between and every blurred line. Usually have good how-tos in the beauty section. Sometimes the fashion is a hit or a miss, but generally I like at least one outfit a lot. Man-tips are all generic but not as dirty as Cosmo. I read every page, but it's definitely not high-journalism. Still enjoyable. Low points: "Red lips are back!" every other month. The other month is either hot pink or nude lips. Recycled dating tips (seems to be on an annual cycle like Cosmo). Good writer of note: I usually enjoy the letter from the editor.
House Beautiful: I'm only on my first issue of this new subscription, but I loved it! Lots of great pictures of interiors. They all (the houses featured) had the same feel but didn't feel mass produced. Very inspiring flip book. Low point: not a ton to read? Maybe that was just me.
Real Simple: More of a mom-mag. Tips for how to juggle your marriage, kids, job, and still cook dinner and have alone time. Crafty projects and lots of recipes and organizing (my favorite) suggestions. Just about the time I decide I'm going to cancel my subscription, they put out a great issue with lots of useful home-making guides. I've cancelled and resubscribed twice. The most expensive of the group, maybe it's time to retire it until I have a husband, kids, house, etc.
Elle Decor: Interior design eye-candy. Lots of beautiful and radically different and unique interiors. Low point: Lots of lamps/chairs/tea cups for $1000+. Writer of note: I don't read, I just drool over the pictures.
So yes, I have a problem. But now you can reap the benefits and just pick one that sounds good!
P.S. Many of you will remember that I used to subscribe to Vogue (as in, for YEARS). And I kept every one (a few issues missing from 2004... weird). I kept my collection, but I stopped subscribing because it felt repetitive, too worshippy of established designers, and too elitist. That being said, I love a good photo spread. But I still have to read all of 2007 and 2008, so I have enough for that.
P.P.S. I also buy InStyle off the rack. I know, I know!