Three years

Today is our 3 year anniversary. We met through friends who were dating at the time, on a crazy and impulsive trip to Vancouver B.C. when we were juniors in college.
We've shared some great times together, including a trip to the ocean during spring break in 2006, where Boyfriend scrawled a declaration of love in the sand. It was too big to fit in one picture. We've also traveled to Maui and Chicago, been to concerts, movies, and parties, debated books and politics. Listened to a ton of music, decorated his apartment, and wandered for hours in bookstores.


He is caring and loving and kind. He's also geeky, funny, and smart. And I'm pretty sure he likes me too. We once had someone stop us on the sidewalk in Seattle who told us how nice it was to see people so in love.


I love you, sweetheart! Happy anniversary!



P.S. Photos of decided date outfit posted tomorrow!