Be Mine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! We tend to downplay Valentine's Day and focus more on our anniversary which is only two weeks before. But we agreed to do a little something this year and use the Hallmark Holiday as an excuse to show our affection. These little goodies are fun.

1. Owl pillow from Modern Dose. Boyfriend and I have a thing for owls and this would look cute on a side chair.2. Rose ring from Forever 21. A little somthing to make the day seem brighter. And way cheaper than a dozen roses!
3. Pink dress from Urban Outfitters. Perfect for a cozy dinner at home.

4. The palace of jewelry boxes from Pottery Barn. For all the trinkets you'll buy her over the years.

5. Engravable frames from Pottery Barn. A sweet sentiment makes a simple gift special. (Did Dr. Seuss write this post?)

6. Cupcake pan from William Sonoma. When you bake them yourself, they're so much sweeter than a box of chocolates.

7. Simple card from Etsy. You buy the electronic file and print it yourself. I'm a sucker for new takes on old sayings, and this one is so heart-felt.

8. Heart ring from Etsy. So delicate and lovely.

9. Heart scarf from Forever 21. On sale! Perfect for your afternoon drinking mochas and walking through the park.

10. Hot lips phone from Urban Outfitters. For reliving the days of calling him and hanging up.