How to paint a dresser

I had a wonderfully productive weekend, followed by a productive and then couch-laying Monday after a rough dentist appointment. But....

I did it! I painted the dresser. If you remember, it looked something like this to begin:

The steps were simple.
1. Remove knobs and sand down dresser just enough to rough up the current paint/stain so the new paint has something to stick to.

2. Apply one coat. Try not to stress that it looks bad and just keep the paint thin and even.

3. Have a glass of wine. Watch an episode of Felicity while paint dries.

4. Apply coat #2. This time it's ok to be finicky because this is the final product. Chances are it'll look pretty good, though.

5. After paint dries (and you freeze to death, having slept with the window open for ventilation), reattach knobs and replace drawers. You will have a beautiful new dresser!

Now if only you had a beautiful new camera to take decent pictures...

Things I learned from painting a dresser

1. Sandpaper hurts. My finger tips were rough and raw after sanding the whole thing. Buy a sander or wear gloves.

2. Buy nice brushes. Pay a little extra, because another $5 will make the dresser look $50 more expensive.

3. Paint smells. Duh, don't paint a giant piece of furniture in the middle of January in your poorly ventilated apartment or you'll end up with every blanket you own heaped onto the bed to keep you warm with the window open. Or sleep somewhere else.

4. The dresser will dry and attach itself to the dropcloth if you're not careful. Whoops!

Now I want to see your befores and afters! Email me photos and I'll share them on the blog.