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Antique Adventure

Maggie Morgan

Last Saturday my friend Amanda and I decided to test the antiquing waters in Puyallup, WA. Little did we know, the day we picked to go wander around turned out to be Day 1 of the Antique Fair at the Puyallup Fairgrounds, and every antique store in town cranked out the sale signs.

The fair was more of a collector's fair. Lots of knickknacks and glassware and china. LOTS of glassware. And LOTS of people. Antiquing ladies can be extremely aggressive. In fact, I never even got out my camera because we were both so overwhelmed. Amanda was mostly in the market for a new side table, and I didn't really have anything in mind, though a pair of chairs (to be repainted and reupholstered) would have been great if they were a steal.

So we ducked out of the fair and headed for the more low-key 3rd Street Antique Mall. Or as we like to call it: The Jackpot.

The "mall" is made up of many different (absent) vendors, so there's a great variety in materials, era, quality, and theme. Also, digging is often required. But there was some great stuff there (at MUCH better prices than the fair).

My mom has a small collection of these glass baubles that used to carry the electric wires from post to post.

Amanda's mom is throwing a western-theme party soon, and we thought this authentic wagon wheel would be perfect!

Bonus: Nearly every vendor slashed prices by at least 15%, some 50%!
Next we dropped in some (extremely) sparse and (very) expensive antique "boutiques" but finally wandered into Victoria Sells Antique Mall where we were immediately handed a 10% off coupon (in addition to any vendor's sale prices).
Unfortunately we didn't see much of interest, but I did snap of picture of some floral frogs, which I never would have recognized if not for the fabulous Eddie Ross. We probably saw a million of these that day, in glass and metal. These little contraptions are a wonder at keeping your floral arrangements neatly in place--a hobby I'd like to take up when I have the time (and storage space!)
Then it was time for coffee and heading home with our prizes. Come back tomorrow to see what I got and what I did with my finds!