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Found: Antique goodies

Maggie Morgan

I promised I'd post about the treasures I took home from the thrifting trip this weekend. I bought:


The marble bookends were WAY back in a corner and marked $24 for the pair.

The print was marked $8. Although I had a hard time resisting some of the other pretty prints next to it!

I think I mentioned before that there was a sale going on, so when my finds rang up at the register it came out to $27 total! Not bad for some personal touches in my living room.
Here are the bookends in their new home:

The print's frame needs a coat of glossy black paint, I think. And then I'll need to find the perfect home for her. It would look great on my (yet to be purchased) vanity, don't you think? Or on a gallery-style wall with an assortment of unique paintings, photos and prints.

That's what I came home with! I'm still in search of a pair of chairs to flank my console table. Let me know if you spot anything!