Found: First Date Outfit

I got an email from Rachel, a reader (and my old work pal) from the East Coast. She wanted some advice on what to wear on her upcoming first date (congrats!). Here's her message:

i hope you had a wonderful valentines! so, i went out with my girlfriend to celebrate no boyfriends and have some drinks, and i ended up meeting like this super cute, funny, smart 2nd year law student!! so i think he liked me and i will definitely need a first date outfit! i would looooove some advice of what you would think would be good!he told me where he wants to take me to this cool restaurant around here. its not like super fancy but its not scuzzy, you could do like jeans or a dress or whatever, but i want to look extra cute. should i wear a similar outfit (like it was kind of trendy) or should i go more classic or fancier? so yeah, i desperately need some assistance, as i haven’t been on a first date in like 5 years. and i really think i might like him. so in all your wisdom, please advise me what to wear?!!?!?(he seems to be a bit more classic and conservative, i wanna say like a jcrew-esque style).

Of course I'd love to help! Since I know Rachel, I know she's on the petite side and always has on a bit of pink. And, like most of us, she's on a budget. Here are some cute outfits with that in mind. Some pieces may be similar to ones already in your closet! Follow the links for shopping info.

An Elegant Affair

If you want to lean toward the dressy side, I love this combination of soft fabrics with folded detail. The feathery silver bracelet picks up the detail of the neckline on the blouse (which is worn tucked in). I also love the rich pink color with the dark green - reminds me of a garden. And for a little edge, a ring in the shape of a jaguar, which mimics the green of the clutch.
Rachel's First Date Dinner Out
Rachel's First Date Dinner Out - by Magchunk on

Prepster's Dream Girl

If Mr. Law School wants to take you on his yacht (you never know!) this bright ensemble will be perfect! The pink, yellow, and teal all together scream spring, and the white pants (watch where you sit) tone down the brightness. The polka dots on the shoes and the top are a nice touch. I added a long necklace to peek out from under the scarf and hoop earrings to keep the attention around your face. A dark nail polish will keep the look from being too Caribbean Cruise Barbie.

Rachel's first date casual
Rachel's first date casual - by Magchunk on

Coffee and Book Lecture

If you didn't notice from yesterday's post, I'm loving dark teals with berry colors. Some worn-in jeans with a ruffly soft top are a great backdrop for purple shoes, a comfy-looking bag and big dangly earrings. A watch will make sure you don't miss the play/concert/poetry slam this secretly artsy guy will suggest, and the barista is sure to notice that your nails match your cute wallet. Cause let's face it, no guy cares about that.

Rachel's First Date trendy
Rachel's First Date trendy - by Magchunk on

What do you think Rachel? You'll have to let us know how it goes!