Seen: "Priceless"

Who doesn't love Audrey Tautou? I'm (predictably) a huge "Amelie" fan. This pretty little French woman reminds me (and many others) of another famous Audrey--elegant, poised, fragile and fiery at the same time. And can wear anything she puts on.

Sunday night I rented "Priceless". It's sort of a take on "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but set on the French Riviera. Irene (Tautou) is a beautiful woman who makes a career out of wooing older rich men (sound familiar) and is determined to marry one and be set for life. Then she meets Jean, a hotel worker who instantly falls for her. They share a romantic night (she mistakes him for a rich man, naturally), and when she realizes her mistake, he won't let her go. He too becomes a call-boy (?), and the two trade tips in getting expensive gifts out of their *ahem* sponsors. But of course, he's just waiting for her to realize she loves him, which she does, and they run away together on his new scooter.

In the meanwhile, Mme. Tautou wears some spectacular slinky dresses.

Recipe for looking like a French woman:
1. Subtract 10 pounds. Maybe more.
2. Add one cigarette. Ok, 40.
3. Don't do your hair.
4. Add smokey eyeshadow/liner
5. Mix in a dozen silky dresses that are about 1/4 of an inch away from falling off all the time
6. Add strappy heels
7. Bake for 1 hour on medium-high heat
8. Garnish with a sultry glance and serve to your male lover(s) to great fanfare and success.

Photos from IMDB and Audrey Tautou Fansite. But there are many other outfits in the movie, so rent it!