Building a nest egg: take action

Remember the post I wrote here about how to sock away some extra moolah? Well I followed my own advice (!) and removed my saved credit card number from Amazon! No more one-clicking for me!

I've found that setting a savings goal is really crucial to my success. For instance, I know that I want a new laptop (I'm a Mac girl, in case you want to know). By projecting some of my larger expenses through the year (getting my car worked on, paying off my credit card to ZERO), and establishing a dollar amount I think I can set aside each month, I know that I can get my new toy by August. Having that tangible goal in mind (and on the calender) really motivates me to stick an extra $20 in savings instead of spending it on a movie or book that I don't really need (or another stupid workout dvd).

I'd promised myself that I wouldn't buy a new computer until my credit card was totally paid off, and that encouraged me to remove the number from amazon. It was just TOO easy to click click click and spend $60. And despite my best intentions, I never did go "pay off that purchase right away". I'll probably still shop on Amazon, but each purchase will be well thought-out and require me to take my card out from lock-down and plan ahead.

What steps have you taken recently to save money, cut costs or be more fiscally accountable?