Custom napkins, coasters, and more at For Your Party

I'm planning a little shindig (more about that soon!) and wouldn't it be fun to get something like these coasters for entertaining?

At For Your Party, you can order pre-designed napkins, coasters, plates, matchbooks (and more!) or you can have them custom designed (say, for your wedding or baby shower).

I'd probably stock up on a signature pre-made look, or get napkins with my initials on them for when guests come by. It would save from having to buy something new every time you throw a party. A lot of these options are for weddings, but you could just as easily use your bachelorette initials or, for couples and families, your last name(s).

Brides, this could also be a great source for place cards, table numbers, candy boxes for favors, or any of those little extras if you're into that kind of thing.

A stockpile of napkins or special coasters are great for spur of the moment entertaining. Say some friends call and say that they're fifteen minutes away: chill a bottle of wine, pull some olives out of the pantry and into a crystal bowl, pull together a plate of cheese and crackers with some salami and your pretty napkins and you can be the unruffled hostess when they arrive (bonus if your man can be pursuaded to dash to the market to pick up some flowers). The other scenario: You chill some wine, put out olives and snacks and.... paper towels?