Where to buy cheap art

So I know that I'm constantly inserting links to etsy on here, but if you haven't checked it out yet, today is the day! Etsy is similar to ebay in that vendors put items up for sale and you can buy their goods directly through the website (unlike craigslist, where you'd have to meet up in person). But etsy is entirely NOT like ebay in that most of the items sold are handmade. The rest are vintage (or supplies for making things by hand).

Remember when I bought this?

It's a great place for budding artists and craftsmen (and craftswomen) to sell their work and make a name for themselves. Usually the prices are reasonable, especially for wall art. And since I oh-so-wisely instructed apartment rookies to adorn their walls asap, probably us old-timers should do the same.
Here's my round up of affordable art (all from etsy vendors!)

1. LOVE print by Jennifer Ramos (who also has an adorable blog, Made by Girl).

2. Sea Sisters by Emily Balivet. I love the green tinge.

3. Evening Set by MADART. Very tiny. Would be good on a vanity or as part of a gallery wall.
4. From Paris to the Moon by irenesuckocki. Beautiful vintage feel.

5. So Very Happy by dazeychic. Comes in different colors!

6. Above by Erin Tyner. She has a whole series of these photos with figurines. They would look great as a set. She also is a lover of the Northwest (check out her blog for photos of Mt. Rainier!)

7. Pink Cherry Blossom by maclancy. There are lots of nature photos on etsy, but I love the colors in this one!

8. Je t'adore by jenzet. Would be sweet in a nursey or child's room.

9. Books on Vagabonds by Kate Merritt Davis. I love how warm this is, and the details are interesting.

10. Houses 1 by carambatack. Doesn't this remind you of Madeline?

11. Dye Pots of Fez, Morocco by PPDesigns. Ugh I want to travel, but until then I have beautiful photos!

Tips for buying art on etsy:

1. Double check the size. It's easy to assume that everything is at least 5x7, but it's not!
2. Check the shipping price. Some artist are shipping from overseas. If you love the piece, it can be worth it, but you wouldn't want to be caught off guard!
3. Is is already matted or framed? If it's not, is it an irregular size that would be hard to frame for cheap?
4. Paypal is easy to use and more-or-less worry free. Make sure your shipping address is correct.
5. Have a request (a different size, different color print, etc)? Go ahead and ask! Most vendors are friendly and willing to customize an order for you (though the cost may change). They will even post the new order with your name on it, so you're sure to get the right thing.