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Window(s) shopping

Maggie Morgan

I'm day-dreaming today of all the wonderful THINGS to buy out there in the world. Yes, it's a materialistic daydream, and smells faintly of Shopaholic, but it mostly has the strong heady scent of a department store. Sigh.
Care to join me for some (Microsoft-style) window shopping?

1. Earrings from Banana Republic.

2. Dress from J. Crew.

3. Top from J. Crew.

4. Duvet cover from Pottery Barn.

5. Bag from Urban Outfitters.

6. Cafe table and chairs from Urban Outfitters (ok, I might actually buy these for my patio...)

7. Ikat chair from Urban Outfitters.

8. Kitchen Aid mixer from William Sonoma.

9. Shoes from Piperlime.

10. My So-Called Life box set on Amazon.

P.S. Tomorrow I'm hosting a "swap" party (not anything like a key party, don't worry). I'll be sure to take photos and tell you all about it on Monday. Now I'm just hoping it all turns out as well as I've imagined!