Reprint: Pumpkin Cupcakes = Heaven

Some of you may remember that I had a (short-lived) weight-loss blog that I left to talk about what's really important: decor, fashion and entertaining! I recently had a request to repost one of the recipes I got at a Weight Watchers meeting: Pumpkin Cupcakes (1 point each). Here is the original text (from October 2008):

Oh yes, my five readers, Maggie has done you good. I looked and I found Heaven this weekend, and it comes wrapped in a cupcake paper with black cats, witches and spiders on it.

The 1 Point (plus frosting) Pumpkin Cupcake.

These took me about 15 minutes to mix (I’m slow because I mixed by hand…), and 20 minute to bake each half. Makes 24 cupcakes. And they are Oh. So. Good. But here, why not try them yourself?


15 oz can pumpkin

1box cake mix (I used plain yellow cake mix, but chocolate could be fab too)

1 egg

Water according to cake mix instructions (ignore oil and additional eggs)


Mix ingredients together with a whisk. Take care to get all the lumps and clumps of mix broken up (no pockets of dry cake mix!). Pour into 24 muffin papers. Bake according to box instructions (mine took 20 minutes for 12 cupcakes at a time).

Once cooled, adorn with 1 TBs frosting (calculate points for frosting seperately. Mine was 1.5 points per TBs). Serve to adoring fans (and stash some for yourself!)

If you like pumpkin bread, cake, scones, etc, you will not be disappointed!

Seriously try these. Delish. Just make sure you bake with a buddy, because you I promise you.