The elephant in the room (that's right, the one hiding behind the Louis Ghost Chair)

I haven't talked much about the economy on here because not only am I iffy on details (for instance, I pretty much zoned out in 11th grade when they explained the stock market), but I like to keep a positive spin on things and focus on how to still accomplish your goals on a tighter budget rather than use any scare tactics I may have picked up from the media.

But sometimes it's necessary to wallow in the doom and gloom, most of which I've done while away from the keyboard. Lots of the bloggers I read regularly have been laid off from their day jobs, money is tight for almost everyone, and I don't even WATCH the news but can't help but hear that the media is predicting fiscal armageddon.

Two bloggers I highly regard have approached the situation head on and opened up their comment boards to discussion. They both have their own attitude about it, but it's interesting to read each of the comments and see the hope, bitterness, despair, optimism, and blaming - a melting pot of attitudes and opinions.

While I don't have near as many readers, I'm still curious to know: How are you guys doing? Are you worried, terrified, non chalant? And how can Magchunk help? Do you want money-saving or budget tips? Or just distraction with pretty pictures of Louis Ghost chairs?

Discuss. And go read Decorno and i suwannee. I'll be here when you get back.