Coupon Clipping

Last night, I clipped coupons.

I get those pesky packets of ads and pizza deals about once a week, and until last night I've always taken them directly to the recycling bin. I don't need a new (used) car, three large pizzas, or collectible ceramic frog figurines, thank you. But the thriftiness came out last night and I plopped down with the bundle of papers and a pair of scissors and went though.

And you know what? There are some good deals out there. Bartell Drugs, for example, had a coupon for $2.00 off vitamins. I take vitamins, so I clipped it out. They had a whole page of savings on Easter decorations and candy, but I don't really decorate for Easter, so I didn't clip those. They had an ad (no coupon) for incredible deals on CFL lightbulbs, which I am embarrased to admit I haven't bought because they're so damn expensive. So I cut it out as a reminder.

No pizza ads this time, but some great coupons for Quiznos Subs, which I enjoy from time to time. One for free chips and a drink, and one for a dollar off a regular size sub. And one for buy one, get one half off, which will be great for when my friend Amanda and I go out to lunch to chat. Clip clip clip.

Do you clip coupons? The common argument is that by looking through the ads you end up stopping at a bunch of different stores (wasting gas) and buying things you wouldn't have thought of if they weren't on sale. However, I have a pretty standard list of the items I buy regularly, and if they are on sale, I want to stock up (say, on canned tomato sauce, or rechargeable batteries). Coupons for things I wouldn't normally buy (like Easter candy) get recycled.

Now that I'm a coupon-clipper, you'll have to tell me: how do you keep these pesky little things organized? There was a great article on Unclutterer about this, but what other strategies do you have?