Blog Music Party Week: Songs I quickly turn off when someone gets in my car

Guilty Pleasure songs pretty much make up my itunes collection. My faves are slutty pop singers, teenybopper pop, and almost any song with lots of foul language. The perfect antectdote for road rage! But when someone else gets in the car and pops open my CD case to find "Britney Spears Greatest Hits," I usually have some explaining to do. Today, I flaunt it.

For the explicit version of "Gold Digger" (aka BETTER version) go here.

And, well, I won't make you suffer through any teenybopper boy bands today. You're welcome.

Go to:
Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle
You Are My Fave

UPDATE: Link to explicit version of "Gold Digger" is now fixed!