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REALLY productive weekend

Maggie Morgan

Hello lovelies! Did you have a fabulous weekend? It was gorgeous in the Pacific Northwest and actually hit 70 in Tacoma where Ryan and I had our portraits taken. I can't wait to show you the results! I also spent the greater part of Saturday watching season one of Dawson's Creek and I. Am. Totally. Hooked. Although really, WHY are all these attractive girls going for Dawson? Totally not realistic. He's so awkward looking and self-absorbed. I'd have been a Pacey girl.

Also cooked dinner on the barbeque for the first time this year! Ry grilled up some steaks while I made mashed potatoes and broccoli. So good.

We also have a winner for the Blog Music Party Week cds! Congrats to Erin from Perfect Sentiment! Please send me your mailing info (to magchunk AT so I (and Jackie and Melanie) can send you your prizes!

Thanks Dawson's Creek Official Site for the photo!