My style in just one picture

Erin over at Perfect Sentiment tagged me to post one (JUST ONE!) photo that represented my personal style in interior design.

Oh man.

I ended up choosing the above photo because many of the elements are those which have me saving many different photos around the interwebs.

1. Windows. I believe that beautiful windows can really make a room. Ugly, non silled windows are a design travesty.
2. Books. Bonus that the bookshelves are leaning (see mine here).
3. Glam sofa. I believe this is a Chesterfield (design-types, correct me, please!)
4. Eames chair. I want.
5. Soft palette. I love feminine, delicate colors.
6. Dark. This photo made it into my "moody rooms" post. I love a cave-like room!

The only thing I'd change? Add some kind of funky rug or framed textile to have some ethnic vibes. Someday I'd love for my home to showcase all my souveniers from travelling the world.

I'll tag Apartment #412, Lovely Little Things, and Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle. Anyone else want to join in?

Photo by the talented Richard Powers.