Shop: Swimsuit Cover-ups

The Passionate Bookworm (love that title) requested a round-up of cute swimsuit cover-ups. Happy to oblige!

My cover-up criteria:

1. Should be appropriate in case you go from the beach to dinner (not a formal dinner obviously, but out in public). So dress length or tunic that can be worn with shorts.

2. Not too see-though (a little is ok).

3. No terry cloth. You're at the beach, not the bathroom. Save it for the towels.

4. Sarongs are a pain. Personally, I'm always fussing with them, feel too exposed on the top half, the fringe looks funny, and the cheap ones have "hawaiian flowers" all over them. If you can rock the sarong, more power to you!

5. Something that drys quickly.
6. Bonus points: You can find it for $15 in the teen dress section at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or Ross.

Here's what made the cut (click on the photo to shop the site):

And in other news, I want this swimsuit. And physique.