5 things that make me happy

I'm having a very technically challenging day (damn computers) so I thought I'd take a quick break from reading about html and Pagemaker and scanners and make a little list of silly things that make me happy. Decompress, as it may be.

1. Running fluffy puppies. Oh.My.God. So cute.
2. Singing (and, er, dancing) along to terrible pop music while driving.
3. Getting a real live letter! With postage! And handwriting! So much more fullfilling than email.
4. Folding laundry. I love when all my hangers are full and my sweater pile and denim pile are all neat and tidy.
5. Breakfast for dinner. Specifically french toast. And bacon. Ohhh yes, bacon.

Whew, I feel better. Anyone care to join me?