Wedding Invitations

One thing I hear over and over again is about the lack of unique or interesting wedding invitations. Or you know, that a guy wants to stick his name on (think of all the lace and jewel encrusted invitations you've found in your mailbox. Think Joe had any say in that?). I thought I'd poke around and see what kind of variety was out there.

Most of these invitation sets run around $5 and under for an invitation, envelope, coordinating reply device and envelope. *NOTE* Some of the cheaper ones do not include envelopes, so double check. And remember, a postcard RSVP will save you in postage (yes, you have to stamp it yourself, even though a portion of them will not be returned).

ETSY ~ Click on the picture to view the seller's page.

TARGET ~ Believe it or not, Target has some excellent options for the bride and groom on a budget. These blank invitations run $19.99 for 50 (normally $25). You could even buy a unique font online to make them special. It's hard to tell the quality online, so check them out in the stationary aisle in your local store.

PRINTABLE PRESS ~ You pick a design, they customize it, and you get a digital copy that you can print yourself (either on a high quality printer of your own or from a copy store). Bonus: You can choose the paper yourself (cost savings potential). Downfall: If you're undecisive about things like paper.

Well, ladies, what do you think? I'm a Northwest girl, so I'm partial to the very last one, but they are all so pretty.