Swan Lake was beautiful!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Here's a photo of Ryan and me at Seattle Center, walking to get coffee after seeing "Swan Lake." The ballet was absolutely beautiful and all the dancers were so talented.

Eons ago I took years of ballet, but quit after two years on pointe when I knew it wasn't my life path. It was definitely inspiring to see people who had once probably entered that same crossroads and went the other direction. If they can be successful on THEIR path, I see no reason that I couldn't, with enough determination.

And it was wonderful to spend a beautiful Northwest day with my man, who sat patiently through the ballet and walked VERY slowly around Seattle Center with me as I teetered on rather high wedges (who knew there were cobblestones?)

Hope you're having a nice Monday morning. Have some coffee, get organized, get motivated. It's going to be a great week!