Flirting at the park

You like to go to the park on weekends, and not JUST because of that cute guy with his dog that's always there when you are. But next time you see him , stop hiding behind that tree and talk to him. But what to wear? Hmm.... let me help.
If he has a....

...wear this:


If he has a...

... try something like this:
Lhasa Apso
Lhasa Apso by Magchunk featuring Coach bags

If he has a...

...definitely wear this:
Yellow Lab
Yellow Lab by Magchunk featuring American Eagle Outfitters jeans
And if he has a...

...he'll dig something like this:

Hungarian Puli Sheepdog
Hungarian Puli Sheepdog by Magchunk featuring AK Anne Klein sandals

P.S. Typing men by their dogs is meant in good fun and is simply an excuse to compile cute outfits. Anyone who wants to whine about that should really take a day off at the park, don't you think?