Reading recommendations?

You guys sure do love your built-in bookshelves! Now a question about filling them:

I'm a big reader (I think most of us who drool over bookshelves are). I'm looking for some new stuff to read. Lately if I'm at the bookstore I just end up wandering aimlessly and end up buying a calender or a magazine or something. Way too overwhelmed by all the choices and can't seem to remember what I've heard of recently. I've been reading a LOT of non fiction lately, but am open to novels too.

I'm looking for a novel or travel memoir that lies somewhere between Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat, Pray, Love, and The Poisonwood Bible. Any other recommendations will also be taken!

Thanks a lot! I'll let you know which one I choose to read first and maybe we can all read it. Sort of a casual magchunk book club....

xoxo Maggie