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Have an adventure this weekend!

Maggie Morgan

Ciao, lovelies! I'm off to Ryan's for the weekend, and then celebrating Mother's Day and my birthday (early) on Sunday at his mom's. My mom and I did both LAST weekend. Here's what else I'm up to:
1. Coffee and exploring Queen Anne with my friend Shar.
2. Vacuuming, dishwashing, clothes washing, bathroom cleaning. Hopefully quickly.
3. Watching "The Duchess" that I checked out from the library.
4. Playing with my new baby, my Macbook! It was love at first sight.
5. Stealing music from Ryan because he always knows the best bands first.
Are you doing anything fun? Exploring a new neighborhood? Trying a new recipe? Climbing to a stone house at the top of a mountain? Isn't that beautiful??? If someone knows where this is, let me know (photo is from ffffound).

I'll see you Monday for a special week of blogging. It may or may not have something to do with the celebration of my birth. I know, got you thinking, right?