It's Birthday Week!

Hello, and welcome to Birthday Week, the week where I share all kinds of tips and tricks to throwing a smashing birthday bash. And, um, my birthday is on Friday, the 15th. There's something here for everyone--the hostess, the fashionista, the decor hound, the cook, and of course, the birthday girl.

Today I want to talk about setting the mood for your birthday bash. Of course, mood can entirely depend on the type of party (bowling, bar hopping, formal tea, etc.). But for a regular old cake and ice cream party (and well, maybe some scotch champagne now that we're older), how can one create atmosphere in your living room, on your deck, or in the den?

A quick click through etsy came up with some affordable paper options (and if you don't mind doing them yourself, great inspiration).

This paper "curtain" hanging over a boring beige wall or in the doorway or window could immediately add a fun party feeling (bonus for me: they have a store in downtown Seattle):

Or why not have your guests provide the atmosphere (and I don't mean BYOB)? Ask them to don these cute party hats. On second thought, drinks may not hurt for this. Use with discretion.

Another hanging decoration idea is a traditional garland (usually seen at Christmas on trees or as an advent calender). I like these because both sides of the loop are different colors. This would be easy to make yourself (say, during a Law and Order marathon), or order for delivery if you're short on time. Much funkier than expected crepe streamers.

For a girly party, big pink puffs like these paper flowers would set the tone instantly. Hanging from the ceiling at various heights, or just around the cake table, you could get creative with these!

Do you have any ideas for affordable pretty decorations? How do you set the tone for a birthday bash?