Getting to Know You: Chelsea Fuss from Frolic!

Hello birthday partiers (yes, that's you!). Today I have a very special treat for you: an interview with the lovely and talented Chelsea from Frolic! If you don't already know about this adorable and inspiring blog, well, you're welcome. Chelsea is another Northwest girl, calling Portland home. Besides scrounging up inspiring photos and events on the web, she also shares her own styling work, some of which I've shown below. But be sure to add Frolic! to your must-read list.

Enough babbling: on to the interview!

Where do you find inspiration for the parties that you host?

Sometimes I plan for weeks and weeks. But, often inspiration comes literally the night before and I run around like a mad girl.

This backyard strawberry party I hosted with my mom was very last minute. She already had the green and white linens leftover from another party. The night before I added strawberries and decided that Bonne Maman would make cute favors and then as I was setting the table decided the strawberries really needed greens so I clipped them from the garden.

I love your styling work- exactly how I picture my dream birthday party. How could one get a similar feeling with a party set-up (without spending a fortune)?

-Look at what you own that you really like and start out with some of those items. Don’t purchase everything brand new.

-Concentrate on one or two colors and build your party around them [editor's note: like this cute lemon and turquoise table she created!].

-Don’t worry about having lots of expensive flowers. A few stems in the right colors and context can be all you need.

-Don’t buy little trinkets for favors. They are expensive and usually get tossed. Try giving out simple candies or other types of food in cute packaging.

-I am a big advocate of renting a few things and then adding a few handmade touches like homemade napkins or runners.

Your tag sales of used party supplies and props is so smart! Can you talk a little about how you came up with that?

I don’t like having too much stuff around. It drives me crazy! I like the idea of letting it be reused by someone else. Also, I am going to be traveling for two months at the end of the summer and I don’t have a place to store stuff .

What are three Musts for a good party for any age or any theme?

-great location

-good people

-yummy food

What is your party pet peeve?

I don’t think I have one. I love attending parties, especially if the host/hostess has put a lot of thought into the small details.

Thanks, Chelsea! Well, readers, tomorrow is the big day! Can't wait to share some of my cute finds with you!