Time to get fit

So I know I don't talk a ton about weight loss on here, but it's something I spend a lot of my non-blogging time thinking about. As in, feeling guilty that I'm not doing anything to get in shape. You may remember that last fall I was doing Weight Watchers and lost almost 20 pounds. I'd totally recommend it to someone who needs to get on the weight-loss bandwagon. Trouble was, after about 5 months I'd plateaued and got bored and discouraged. I started skipping meetings (a big no-no) and eventually the monthly fee was just too much to be spending on something I wasn't using. Since then I've mostly stayed the same weight, only creeping up about 3 pounds in 6 months (not bad!).

But the old swimsuit season cliche is true: now that it's getting too hot to bury my tummy rolls in bulky sweaters, I've been more and more motivated to make some changes. I knew I didn't want to go back to WW at this point, but I need some structure to keep me going.

So yesterday I signed up for Body by Glamour. This 12 week exercise and diet program is designed to get you active and eating healthy--this isn't a fad diet but a way to reorient your body to eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, and a treat every day. It has kick-butt workouts and Jillian from The Biggest Loser is the motivational coach. I can record my workouts and food in an online journal (tracking is a huge motivator for me).

So I got up early this morning and did a 30 minute elliptical workout! Tomorrow I start the strength workouts and am prepared to have my butt kicked. And on the way home from work I stocked up my fridge full of veggies and healthy snacks. Wanna peek?

fridgeOn the top shelves: lowfat yogurt, feta cheese for salads, salsa, hummus, cucumbers, juice (and sparkling cider left over from my birthday!), low fat cottage cheese (a snack with fruit slices), eggs (I plan to hardboil half for pre-workout fuel), strawberries, red peppers, baby carrots, my leftovers from dinner tonight: asparagus with seasoned shrimp and couscous!


Bottom shelf and drawers: String cheese for an afternoon snack, regular cheese (I love it too much to give it up), diet coke that I'm weaning myself off of, bagged mixed leafies, watermelon, iced tea, my brita filter!

Anyone wanting to lose weight and want to join me in BBG? We can be online workout buddies!