Use stencils to create a custom art piece

molly-sims A blogosphere fave, Molly Sim's apartment (and namely this painting above the couch) has made its way onto many inspiration boards, I'm sure. Mine too! Of course as soon as I saw it I thought "I could do that" but was waaay too lazy to figure out where to start.

Then I saw that Kay at Apartment #412 actually went ahead with it, so then I thought "ok, I really COULD do that".

Kay's inspirational quotes above her sofa

So this weekend, I did.

I started with these stencils from the craft store...

I only had space for 112 letters, give or take!

It was hard to choose what I would stencil: a song like in Molly Sim's just wasn't for me (too big, for one thing), and I've never been a quote girl like Kay. So I chose a poem by Richard Eberhart called "The Eclipse."

Stenciling is messy. My spacing was poorly planned at first...

My 24 by 30 inch canvas would hold about 112 letters. The poem was a tad more, so I had to trim one prepositional phrase ("on the porch") from the second half. But then...

... it fit perfectly!

After it had completely dried, I hung it up above the tv, where I still had my white feather wreath from Christmas hanging (it wasn't passing as year-round like I was pretending it did). Here's my custom work of art in its new home!

The color is kind of funky online. It's really not that Barbie-pink! Much more subtle.

Then guess what I saw online?!  Another lyrics painting by Mustard and Sage (see on You Are My Fave).

A song by Neutral Milk Hotel, very nice.

"The Eclipse" by Richard Eberhart

I stood out in the open cold

to see the essence of the eclipse

which was its perfect darkness.

I stood in the cold on the porch

and could not think of anything so perfect

as man's hope of light in the face of darkness.