Magchunk Book Club

books Hey everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. The weather was so nice here. Ryan and I had a great time wandering around Fremont and Wallingford on Saturday. The view of the city from Gasworks Park is so beautiful, and on a clear day like Saturday it's absolutely spectacular (non-Seattlites would recognize this from "Ten Things I Hate About You" when they go paintballing. Not actually a paintball place, just a park).

I wanted to thank you all again for your book suggestions. I finally decided on Tales of a Female Nomad and put it on hold at the library a few days ago. This incredible woman has travelled all over the world, and she seems to have an uncanny knack for becoming part of the community wherever she goes. I've really been loving non-fiction lately and I love reading about other parts of the world, so I think this should be a hit. If you'd like to read with me and discuss when we're done, I think this being the first of June is an excellent time to kick off a little "book club". You may participate if you want but there's no pressure. We'll talk about the book the last few days of June and choose a new book for July.

I'm sure you could find the book at your library, or I've included an amazon link in the sidebar (full disclosure: I would make 4% of the sale of the book if you purchased it there.)

Happy reading!