I'm dreaming of a beautiful kitchen

Any renters out there feel my pain? No storage, no square footage, laminate countertops... sigh. My dream kitchen includes:

1. Some glass cupboard doors as well as some open shelving.

2. Storage dedicated to cookbooks.

3. Cool flooring or rug.

4. Copper anything.

5. Subway tile.

6. Natural textures like wood or baskets.

7. Seating and space for multiple cooks.

8. A window.

9. Non-food related art.

10. An apron-front sink.

Lets see how these measure up!

From desire to inspire

Asfour Guzy Architects from desire to inspire

By Seesaw Designs from House Beautiful

From photographer Paul Costello

From Martha Stewart

From Notebook Magazine

From design*sponge


From domino (RIP)

From desire to inspire

Not too shabby! Which is your favorite? What is on your kitchen must-have list?