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Maggie Morgan

I loved reading all your answers! Lots of black thumbs out there, haha.  I used random number generator to pick a winner (by order of entry, adding bonus entries to the end). The results:


Congratulations Meggan of! You're the new owner of a lovely little succulent courtesy of etsy store monkeysalwayslook!

Meggan said:

Succulents are my favorite plants ever! I had a trial run with some that I purchased from IKEA, whereupon I accidentally over-watered them and they rotted in their own filth. I have since learned that succulents do not like to swim and actually ENJOY being neglected, so I think I would be a good plant parent now.

I'm sure you will be! Please email me for instructions on how to collect your prize (magchunk [at]

If you are majorly disappointed that you didn't win, you can still head over to monkeysalwayslook for a wide and varied selection of plants. Use code MAGCHUNK to get a special little succulent cutting to plant in one of your favorite containers. Happy shopping!