Make a wish...

garden_flags_on_the_fence These are garden wish flags, from blog Maya Made. If you haven't check out this blog, you must. Maya and her mom have renovated an old barn and turned it into an art studio, where they teach classes like silk-screening. The blog is full of fun projects, such as these wish flags that Maya and her adorable family made as part ecology lesson / part fun afternoon. They wished for lots of sunshine and rain, no slugs, lots of earthworms to keep the soil healthy, and for lots of healthy hearty vegetables. You can see step by step how they made them.

If I was to make any wishes for this weekend, they would be:

1. To wish Ryan a safe journey to his conference in California.

2. To get my apartment clutter-free.

3. For the sun to maybe back off a tad. This PNW girl can't take the 90 degree heat we've been having.

4. To see some good friends.

5. To reconnect with some friends I haven't talked to in a while.

What do you wish for this weekend?