Simple Delights

I recently took part in the Simple Delight blogger exchange organized by Jill from The Good Life for Less. I was paired up with the talented Camila from High Heeled Foot in the Door. We exchanged addresses and quick bios and then hit the stores in search of simple delights to share with one another.

If only you had heard my squealing when I got my package from Camila! First up, this handy and chic storage box in yummy orange! Just wait to see what's inside!

swap 001

A beautiful "M" for my wall from Anthropologie, a yellow pinwheel, and a perfectly color coordinated note card, where Camila explained every simple delight.

swap 005

Even the wrapping and padding was color coordinated. Under all the yellow I found Lemonheads (yum), cutely packaged soap and dish, and two Chunky bars, something I'd never heard of! Apparently they're big on the East Coast. Perfect for MagCHUNK. :)

swap 008

Washingtonians, here's what a Chunky bar looks like. Tastes good too!

swap 012

Thank you so much Camila! I couldn't have asked for a more awesome exchange partner!

And now, Maggie's Top 5 Simple Delights:

1.  Listening to rain on a metal roof.

2.  A pile of magazines and nowhere to go.

3.  Jeans that fit just-so.

4.  Ryan's popcorn (he makes the best!)

5.  Seeing Mount Rainier on the horizon at sunrise.