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Have a spectacular weekend!

Maggie Morgan

My dears, thank you for a great week. I'm so excited for next week! I have a fun interview for you with a hot new blogger, and will be guesting about packing for vacation. And I have a little project I'm wrapping up this weekend that you will love. I just uploaded these photos from my phone, and thought you'd like to see some of our beautiful corner of the country. Ry and I took these a couple weeks ago when we spent most of the first beautiful Saturday of the summer on the go! (And ignore my hair, the wind was doing something funky to my part).

A glimse of Mt. Rainier from under the Aurora Bridge.

Ryan is much taller than me :)

Tried to get the mountain in the background. Fail.

We wandered around Gasworks Park after a hot-dog dinner in Wallingford.

The late and city were so clear and beautiful.

On our way home we passed this HUGE rhodie and I made Ryan pull over so I could get a picture!

Here's what I'm up to THIS weekend:

1. Wishing a Happy Father's Day to the coolest dad ever!  Love you!

2. My folk's annual Solstice party (I'll miss the Fremont parade, unfortunately).

3. Finishing up a project.

4. Returning a top and shoes to Charlotte Russe (sad), but keeping the sandals (yay!).

5. Hopefully getting outside if the weather doesn't get icky again.

What are you up to?