Packing Essentials

This may be all you need.... Ever wonder about those people who can zip right off of a plane and past luggage claim because they ONLY brought a carry-on? While you are waiting to lunge at your suitcase when it comes down the shoot, Miss Carry On is already in a cab on her way to her luxe hotel.

Well now you can strut your stuff right past luggage claim because I have the packing guide for three weeks and one carry-on bag. What you need to pack, how to think of your clothing as a mini-wardrobe, and what you absolutely can't forget at home!

Intrigued? The post is over on Amber's blog, Let Us Go Then, You and I (remember Amber from the Summer Adventure Series? She's about to head out on leg two of her adventure!). Head over and check it out, and be sure to share here or there your own packing essentials! What stays, what goes?