Getting to Know You: Daniella from Dress, Design, and Decor

If you haven't been to the hottest new blog on the block, well, you're in for a treat. Dress, Design, and Decor is full of lush images arranged in new and inspiring combinations. Author Daniella is the kind of blogger who puts a watermelon, a kangaroo, and a shirt all in one post and leaves you nodding and wondering "how did that all just go together perfectly?" Check her out the next time you're in the need of inspiration (or when you want to get the first glimses at J Crew's newest stuff... I hear about it from her before I get their emails!). And the lovely Daniella agreed to a little Q&A after we realized we were both in Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way course last winter. I think you'll really like her!

Bookshelf and a mini Eiffel Tower

1. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging about 8 months ago. Wow, that went by fast!

2. What's your day job? How does this contibute to your blogging?

I'm a graphic designer in advertising, so design is a big part of my life. I love working on coming up with different headlines or perfecting a layout, and I like putting that feeling into blogging as well. It's a place where I can be totally girly, as much as I want to! Finding the perfect photos that represent me, and creating a great "layout" is so much fun.

3. What's a normal day for you like?

Hmmm, a normal day for me is usually sleeping in too late, feeding my crazy siamese kitty Miley, and then heading out the door. I usually go for some Starbucks if I have time before work (so addictive!). At lunch, i'm either running errands, or taking a quick walk uptown to one of my favourite stores 'Write Impressions'. It's full of stationery and home decor and I never bore of looking around in there! In the evenings i try to do some yoga, blog a little, or read. And then i'm off to bed.

Pretty kitty Miley

4. You have the most gorgeous photos on dress, design, and decor. You must have a huge stockpile! Where do you find them all?!

I do have quite a lot saved up, lol. I started collecting images before I started blogging though. When I was about 14 or 15 I became obsessed with all things magazines - design, fashion, editorial layout, advertising, etc. I starting cutting up all the pages and collaging them in sketchbooks. Eventually when the piles of magazines started taking over my room, I started saving the pages I loved most and created a folder of pictures on my computer. Now, I usually look though magazine websites, different photographer's portfolios, blogs and places like flickr and ffffound. And, sometimes I just play "follow the links" and see where it takes me!

One of Daniella's amazing collages

5. Your posts definitely share a particular aesthetic. How would you describe it? Where do you get inspiration for this style?

I'd probably just describe it as me, lol. I tend to flip flop between liking a french-chic sort of style and a modern, Domino mag kind of look. I like to make sure it all works well together. I think it's more pleasing to the eye that way.

I get inspiration from all kinds of places. I love everything French. The whole Parisian lifestyle is fascinating to me. Paris is unlike any other place i've been. I read a lot of magazines, especially VOGUE, Paris VOGUE, Martha Stewart Living and the only good decor mags that seem to be left! I often look through the fashion and decor section at the bookstore too. It's nice to just take a walk through Chapters, flip through some pages, and get inspired all over again!

Her fave glossies

6. You show beautiful rooms, clothes, food... I think the only thing missing is music! What are you listening to?

This is a funny question to ask me because my answer is always, "I don't know, a little bit of everything?" Usually if I hear a song I like, I download it off iTunes and add it to my on going playlist. It's a pretty random list! Right now I keep playing Paramore, and the new Kelly Clarkson album.

7. What is the hardest thing about blogging?

The writing part doesn't always come naturally for me. I suppose that's why i'm a graphic designer! But I just try to write what i'm thinking and hope for the best. Oh and I write "lol" way too often, but there's no stopping me, sorry!

8. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love finding gorgeous images and grouping them all together under the perfect theme. I didn't realize I would like it so much, but it's the perfect creative outlet for me. Every post, I get to express a little about who I am and what I love, with all kinds of different photography. I also really like the whole online community of bloggers there is out there. Who knew that so many people all loved the exact same things? I love reading everyone's comments!

9. Who are your favorite designers (fashion and/or interior and/or other)?

That's a tough one because I tend to like certain pieces from different designers. I love brands like Chanel and Lavin for inspiration and places like J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Jacob for my wardrobe. J.Mendel and Derek Lam always have wonderful pieces and i'm loving T by Alexander Wang, Vanessa Bruno's boutique line, Balmain's glitzy spring collection, Built by Wendy's simple staples... this could get long...

I'm always in awe of stationery designers like Ceci New York and Mika 78. Their designs are so intricate and gorgeous! I love that sort of fine, french feel when it comes to stationery. I'm working on one for a friend's wedding invitation right now.

And as far as interior designers go, i'll always love those who graced the pages of Blueprint and Domino. They always produced the best rooms for everyone's tastes. They were my favourite as a group!

10. Five things you can't live without (photos if available!)

My laptop & BlackBerry

A good black bag, skinny jeans, and a hair elastic

A trip to Chapters with Starbucks in hand

A new glossy magazine

And my boyfriend Rick, of course.

(Ok, so those were more like five combinations I can't live without...)

A few of her favorite things...

Isn't she just the sweetest! And wouldn't you die to paw through those collage books?! Thanks again, Daniella!